Masterclass of Hamkins' “The set-theoretic multiverse”: 10 years after

Date: 21-22 September

Place: University of Konstanz (room Y326)

This masterclass with Joel David Hamkins is dedicated to the developments of his multiverse theory that have taken place in the years since the seminal paper “The set-theoretic multiverse”. It consists of two sessions where Joel David Hamkins presents recent work of his on this topic and is accompanied by discussion sessions and presentations by other researchers.

We therefore invite applications for contributed talks on the topic of multiversity in general and Hamkins’ set-theoretic multiverse in particular. Please send your applications to or

If you want to attend the masterclass without giving a talk, please register with the above mail addresses. There is no registration fee, but please register in any case so that we can plan accordingly.


Circle Limit III, M. C. Escher, 1959.